Dear Reader,

First and foremost, I get that a lot of people like to write these things in the third-person, and I’m not at all savvy to the rules of an ‘about me’ page, but I’ve always found the third-person to feel distant and not very personal, so I’m going to write about myself in the first-person–and I get it, nobody likes talking about themselves (myself included), but here I am, and here’s what I have to say.

I am a Long Beach transplant now living in the Northern Bay Area of California,  I am an avid seeker for social justice and have fostered a passion in advocating for those who do not share the same privileges nor the capacity to fight for themselves. I work full-time in retail management, and I go to school full-time for international business and social enterprise. I like to document life as it happens, capturing the wow and magical moments in between, but what continues to propel me forward in life is my aim to bringing equitable education to underprivileged youths in the developing world.

Now that I’ve formally introduced myself, let’s get in touch and get to work!

Let me shoot you!


-Ryan Alexander Dones

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