Getting into Seattle was, well, quite the process. Just as we were making our descent, our pilot received word that they had to shut down SeaTac due to a rogue plane taking off. We turned around, landed in Portland and immediately checked twitter, because where else would one go to find up to the minute news coverage? Supposedly it was speculated that a mechanic hijacked a plane, did a few loops over a lake, and crashed landed. So stranded at the Portland Airport for a bit, we decided to get off the plane and make a night/day out of it–find a hotel to stay at, rent a car, grab a chai tea flight and some donuts at Pips–but we were cleared to take off again, so back to plane and up in the air we went… again. And of course, as all this madness ensued, texts from our families upon touchdown in Portland alerted us that our homes back in Northern California were being evacuated because of the fires. My cousins and I had just watched the movie “How It Ends” — some apocalyptic, end-of-the-world type of film based in Seattle and California which ironically enough ended super abruptly, and figured that what happened in the movie was exactly what was happening to us. Welp, climate change is real, y’all. Fortunately, we were not living that film. The evacuations were lifted, our homes were okay. We landed in Seattle, three hours behind schedule, but we were all safe, and I guess that’s all that matters in the end, right?

📍South Lake Union, The Amazon Spheres, Mt. Rainier, Pike Place, Cap Hill.

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